Give with intention

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

thoughtful gifts from brands we love, for the people you love

The Guide

We wanted to get this out ASAP, because it’s mid October which means… gift giving season is upon us! Starting with Diwali and ending with New Years Day (Ok maybe that’s a stretch in terms of gift giving…), holidays are a wonderful time to remind loved ones why they are special to us- especially if giving thoughtful gifts is your love language. But if it’s not (and if it is!) we have you covered with our list below of our holiday gift ideas.

A couple quick notes before you keep reading:

1. This holiday gift guide will NOT be a list of 35 things you need to buy. This will be a list thoughtfully curated for the different types of people in your life. Here is where we encourage you to ‘Choose Intentionally’ for your loved ones.

2. Everything below is available on our website We thought about expanding this list to other brands and things we love, but we wanted to keep it meaningful & intentional. PLUS we’re obsessed with our brand partners and will use any opportunity we can to showcase them.


01//for the one who

loves cozy vibes & home decor

This throw is GORGEOUS. The warm fall colors automatically evoke the feeling of being curled up in front of a fire drinking tea and watching the newest season of *insert favorite tv show*.

02//for the one who

is a certified bad-ass

This shirt is straight up cool. And affordable. If your group of friends is made up of some dope people, which if you’re reading this I’M SURE IT IS, let me introduce to you to the perfect secret santa/white elephant present.

03//for the one who

is a hobbyist

This backpack is for the person who does cool stuff… and you want people to KNOW they do cool stuff. It’s a sturdy backpack that can fit a laptop in it, plus extra pockets for everything else people who do cool stuff have.
It's the perfect bag for that special person who loves cooking/photography/designing/tinkering/gardening/you get it!!

04//For the one who

is starting a biz or dream job

This is a POWER oversized blazer meant to remind them that they GOT THIS. They’re not waiting for an invite to have a seat at the table, they’re making a seat at the table for themselves.

05//for the one who

is travelling somewhere warm

We really should be shouting out the WHOLE JODI collection here… but we’re going to choose this staple that we guarantee will look great on anyone. This is for the friend going somewhere sunny & warm and who appreciates a good insta-worthy outfit.

06//for the one who

is always a ray of sunshine

We know these people and we love these people. This shirt is for them. They are always keeping us smiling and laughing, and they’re just a joy to be around. Even when things are hard for them, they keep shining and we love them for that<3

07//for the one who

advocates for our planet

It’s time to introduce them to hemp (actually they probably already know…). We look up to the people who are advocating by shopping with brands using natural or recycled materials, thrifting, composting, picking up trash when they’re out and about, and participating in zero waste initiatives!! We see you & we thank you for inspiring us to always be better.  Here is a classic piece for their closet. It will never go out of style and it’s made with a natural & eco friendly material.

8//for the one who

deserves something luxurious

Treat the person who never treats themselves with a timeless silk scarf. They probably deserve an all inclusive vacation to somewhere dreamy, but while you’re working up to that, try giving them this beautiful scarf.

Ok, that’s it from us! Everything is available on and of course, there’s more! If we didn’t quite hit the mark or something gets sold out, take a look at our website and follow us on social media where we’ll keep you posted for new drops and product restocks.

Happy Holidays!


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