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About us

At endless world, we want to decolonize and decentralize fashion. We believe in embracing our country of origin labels and getting to know them a little better, using the lens of human well being and social equity as a pillar of sustainability. We carefully curate a selection of ‘everyday’ storied pieces from across the world that bring their unique traditions, craftsmanship and style to your home and wardrobe.

The Chain Reaction//Endless Possibilities

We’re passionate about supporting local and emerging brands, designers and storytellers. We aim to elevate brands whose homegrown materials and traditional methods create slow fashion that is inherently eco-friendly. 9 times out of 10, these brands are women and/or BIPOC owned and operated. Their success allows them to uplift their communities by creating social and economic opportunity.

The “Made In” Mission

We know that over consumption (okok...consumption in general) isn’t great for our planet, but we hope that when you do choose to shop, you’ll choose endless world because you believe in our mission like we do. At endless world, wherever your product is “made in”, it was made with intention, by people who care about their community, the planet and are doing their part to better our world.