Phool Jhaal Kimono

By Sthala


Casual and chic, the Phool Jaal Kimono is an oversized coat featuring block print with statement sleaves. Made with hybrid denim and a frayed hem.

Made in India

Details & Fit

- Made with hybrid denim
- Oversized fit
- Dry Clean or Hand Wash

Size Chart




The Story
Sthala was created by Astha Jhunjhunwala. Not only tied to syllables in her name, the word itself means, "being firm" or "a chapter of a book". This piece is part of Sthala's Woodblock collection.

From Aastha, "One of the biggest inspirations behind this collection, and my love for the art of block-printing, comes from my Mother. I grew up watching her print on fabrics, which she would then design and create garments out of. I saw her perfect an art form which no one taught her, is not easy to master, and one that excited her. It allowed her to express herself, while embracing the imperfections that are borne out of the humanness of this traditional and beautiful technique."