Hi there! I'm Meera, the founder of endless world. I am so excited to finally launch & share my journey with you.
How it started

Endless world is an idea formulated at the intersection of frustration and inspiration. Frustration at the constant feelings of guilt, shopping for products I thought I loved with brands I knew did not align with my values. Inspiration from watching my amazing cousin build a brand and create products with so much intention, that not only resonated with so many people, but directly supported her community. I watched as her brand grew, and she paved a path for more women in India to take ownership of an industry that has been out of their control for centuries- due equally to colonialism and a historically patriarchal culture. Well, things are changing.

After connecting with so many brands like my cousin’s brand Maisha, endless world began to take shape. A retailer meant for the conscious consumer.

The Mission & Vision

My mission is to connect you to homegrown brands around the world for pieces you are proud to own and whose stories you are proud to share. 

Our vision? Is to create a power shift in the fashion industry. I want to turn the focus & shift the power into the brands, designers and storytellers and their communities and cultures of origin. 

To achieve my vision, there are a lot of complex topics I am learning (and unlearning) about- one important one being decolonization. And the more I learn, the more I realize there is so much I don’t know. I am intentionally choosing to speak on the subject, even though I am not an expert, in hopes to have conversations that are rooted in curiosity and learning as opposed to judgement. As a person of color myself, I know how important it is to me to understand where a brand stands on topics that are important to me and how that is weaved into their business practices. I am open to being wrong and saying the wrong thing (which I'm terrified of!) but I am embracing unlearning by taking the steps to educate myself on how endless world can authentically be an advocate for a part of the sustainability movement that is so often overlooked. Endless world will be a space where this information and other complex topics are amplified from people who ARE experts while also shaping how endless world operates.

There is intention in every decision we (I!!) make at endless world.  I care about the mission and vision but I also deeply care about climate change and social justice. I care about inclusivity and representation. I care about over-consumption and simplifying our lives. Endless world will strive to contribute to each of these causes, because the reality is that they are all interdependent.

Pieces you are proud to own

My hope is that through endless world, you will find  joy in being able to access products that not only make you feel confident, vibrant and bold because they are stunning, but also because they amplify stories of the women who created them, and because they support environmental, social and economic progress in the communities of origin. 

If you’ve had a chance to explore the site, or have any thoughts or feedback, please reach out! I would love to hear from you. 




Read more about endless world & our purpose.


October 10, 2021 — Meera Mazloom

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