A Day at the Farmers Market with Julia

We spent a day with our friend & first Community Connection feature, Julia Dunbar at a farmers market. Julia is a special education teacher from Baltimore, MD. We asked her a couple questions to get to know her, her style & what she cares about.

Julia poses against a white background with flowers in her hand.

Wearing: Stahla Paudha Cropped Sweatshirt in Size Medium and Pari Pari Silk Screen Printed Scarf in “Brick”

On her style:

I would describe my style as cute and casual. I love wearing clothes that make me feel great but are also effortless & comfortable. The Paudha Crop is just that – it’s so comfortable and soft while also being stylish and effortless.

On being inspired:

Harry Styles. Always & Forever. Oh…and my students!! They inspire me every day. This past year with COVID was hard on everybody, but for my students it was especially difficult. They’ve picked back up in the classroom learning life skills with ease. I am so proud of them.

On cultivating joy:

I try to do this everyday. For me it can be as simple has taking a bath after a long day and relaxing scrolling through Tik Tok and laughing. Snuggling my dog Brody & hanging out with my husband. Riding the Peloton with Cody Rigsby, who I’m pretty sure is my twin spirit.

On embracing unlearning:

I think the first time I experienced unlearning is after high school going into college. I was very privileged to grow up in an extremely diverse environment. As a white person who also was around lots of diversity, race was not something I thought about. However, When I went to college this all changed for me. It was my first time realizing that where I grew up in Maryland was much different than this college town I had moved to. I realized that racism still very much exists, and I began to see how the notion of “I don’t see color” was itself rooted in racism. This is something I am continuing to unlearn through speaking more openly about race to my friends of color & learning from them and their experiences. I want to be an ally to people of color I know, and I know that starts with actively unlearning!



October 10, 2021 — Meera Mazloom

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